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Is Assessing Lean Wasteful?

“The most important things cannot be measured.” – W. Edwards Deming   The other day, I was asked my opinion about assessments to measure an organization’s progress on a lean journey.   Although I generally don’t use assessments, I really hadn’t given the subject much thought before our discussion. The idea behind a lean assessment is to identify the gap between the current state of the organization … Continue reading

No Time For Heroes

One of the biggest issues in dealing with the heroes is that, for years we have rewarded them for the behavior they exhibit. Heroes tend to like a lot of attention and publicly delivered compliments for their actions. As the organization becomes more lean-focused, though, it becomes clearer to people that addressing problems means understanding and addressing root causes so we can reduce the likelihood that they will occur in the future. We cannot tolerate people who have the ability to prevent problems but wait until they occur before taking action. Continue reading

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