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What Makes a Good Boss?

“The greatness in people comes out only when they are led by great leaders. We are all growing and learning, and we all need teachers and coaches to help guide us. We say at Toyota that every leader is a teacher developing the next generation of leaders. This is their most important job.” – Akio … Continue reading

What’s Your Culture?

Most leaders today appreciate the strong connection between culture and performance. Understanding the importance and actually doing something about it, however, are two different things. Culture is generally considered one of those softer issues that is difficult to change. Because of this, many leaders either ignore it or attempt to drive small, less formal adjustments hoping that things will change for the better. Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Going to Gemba

Effectively instilling a culture of go and see requires much more than just visiting gemba. The real benefits of the effort occur when leaders truly connect with the workplace in such a way to gain an understanding of what is really going on. Continue reading

Is Management a Liberal Art?

No matter how talented a company’s specialists are; without a common direction and continual effort to improve the way people interact and work together, there is no “organization” – there are only individuals working on what each feels is most important. Continue reading

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