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Systems Thinking & Lean Leadership

One aspect of lean that often gets overlooked is the depth of systems thinking required to be successful. For a variety of reasons, people like to jump into the more visible and concrete elements of lean – like dashboards or problem-solving – without clearly understanding the organizational elements that are necessary to support and sustain continual improvement. Continue reading

Beware of the Lean Expert

Lean is about striving for perfection – and strangely enough, about the understanding that perfection will never be achieved. The way to continually close the gap between the current state and perfection is to learn; and learning occurs through never-ending experimentation. Continue reading

The Lean Formula

The entire effort must be directed toward achieving the organization’s aim. Without clarity around the purpose (including the mission and vision), efforts to improve will be isolated and disconnected. The annual plan will have nothing with which to align, and overall results will be disappointing. Continue reading

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