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Driving Learning & Improvement

In organizations where learning is truly a competitive advantage, people understand that all actions are based on theories that require continual adjustment. They realize that improvement results from a conscious connection between theory and practice, and that one without the other is meaningless. They coach people to understand the connections and use even the smallest problems as impetuses to change. Continue reading

Kaizen for Leaders

Developing problem-solving skills across the organization starts at the top and cascades downward through coaching and developing the abilities of leaders and team members at all levels. Leaders need to take responsibility for creating a continual improvement culture by modeling a kaizen mindset and coaching the ability of others – including future leaders – to do the same. Continue reading

Do Companies Really Care of Developing Leaders?

Those organizations that do a good job of developing leaders are deliberate about developing talent and have a clearly defined process for making people succeed. These companies tend to view leadership as a system rather than a group of individuals focused on managing people and achieving targets however in their own way. This is a critical distinction because approaching leadership as a system naturally drives the organization toward a standardized approach that requires continual improvement in order to assure that the business continually improves. Continue reading

A Lean Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

Just as best efforts won’t lead to success in a business, trying harder will not lead to personal success. Without a method that you continually check and adjust, your chances of success are likely to be fairly small. Continue reading

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