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It’s All Kaizen

“Management is prediction.”  W. Edwards Deming __________________________________________ One of the beliefs that often interferes with a successful lean deployment is the assumption that kaizen only applies to workers.  When an organization attempts to overlay lean on top of a management system driven by traditional thinking, its leaders will consider kaizen as a worker responsibility and … Continue reading

Business Planning and the 85-15 Rule

Confusion between the maintenance and improvement efforts often leads to the development of an unachievable plan. There will always be distractions attempting to interfere with maintaining the 85-15 balance, so continued PDSA is required to maintain clarity and focus. This is basically kaizen at the leadership team level, where annual targets and improvement needs represent the target conditions and the plan (breakthrough actions) and priorities – become the countermeasures. Continue reading

6-Sigma – A Common Cause of Failure

Building on the previous post regarding the differences between lean and 6-sigma, I have recently come to the conclusion that failure to understand the differences between the two is often the cause of frustration and disappointment with the results in a lean deployment. Conceptually, 6-sigma is easier for people to comprehend than lean. Implementing a … Continue reading

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