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Lean and 6-Sigma: Still Not the Same

Although they have been in practice for many years and are very distinct approaches, many people continue to think of lean and 6-sigma as one in the same.  There are even some people claiming to be experts who don’t understand the difference.  And the use of terms like “lean sigma,” only serves to further confuse … Continue reading

2013 Annual Management Improvement Carnival: The Drucker Exchange

Although I agree that it is possible to over-standardize a process, I found the example to be a bit of a stretch. In my experience, I find that a lack of standardization is much more of a problem than over-standardizing. The detail of a procedure or instruction should be to the extent necessary to assure effectiveness. In many manufacturing environments where more of the environment can be controlled, for example, standard work can be much tighter than in a sales situation. With that said, however, I believe that a sales process can also benefit from some level of standardization. In fact, the consequences of a lack of standardization in sales can be just as destructive for the company as overstandardizing. Continue reading

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