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Escaping Mediocrity

So often, it is our experience that interferes with moving to the next level of performance. We don’t set aggressive targets because we know they are impossible to achieve and, in the end, we don’t want to be disappointed or suffer the consequences of missing a target. As a result, we trudge along with average results and view problems as inevitable or out of our control. Continue reading

Unilever: Transformation & the Environment

I love reading about organizations that exhibit lean behaviors without actually labeling them “lean.”  Although using a term like lean helps provide a common way to describe an organization’s approach and practices, and connects them to a wider community for learning and development, there is something to be said for companies that tailor the system … Continue reading

Accidental Success Is No Reason To Celebrate

Although more commonly used than people would like to admit, hope is not an effective way to run a business. For many organizations, transformation in thinking will be needed to create the type of environment where people become obsessed with achieving perfection – and do not stop until they get there. Continue reading

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