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Blog Carnival Annual Roundup 2012 – Peter Drucker’s Management Philosophy

Although Deming regularly attacked Management by Objectives (MBO), I believe he was more disappointed with how MBO was implemented than the method itself. In fact, Drucker even said that MBO only works if objectives are carefully thought through, and that 90% of the time, they aren’t. Continue reading

The Big Gains? Not Without Transformation

There is a point in the process where a significant transformation in thinking is needed to move the organization to the next level and achieve the big gains. It is at the point of transformation where leaders come to the realization that the organization’s problems are the result of barriers that only they can fix. Continue reading

Where Are The Generalists?

An organization can have the most talented specialists in the industry but be completely ineffective if these people are not able to agree on what’s important and work together to turn their combined talents into commercial success. By understanding the system, the generalist can bring value to the organization by focusing on overall company performance rather than attempting to optimize any single function or area. Continue reading

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