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Using the Ideal Condition to Describe Perfection

One of the elements necessary for transformation of an organization that often gets overlooked is the need to think in terms of the ideal condition.  Describing a process or system in terms of its ideal provides clarity and direction, and creates a framework to guide improvement activities and breakthroughs. Although lean is based on the … Continue reading

The Enemy Within

Although companies face external forces that impact results, it is generally the internal forces that cause the major problems. In fact, when it comes to organizational performance and improvement, we are our own worst enemy. We continually throw up barriers that interfere with focusing on what is truly important . . . serving customers. Continue reading

Preventing The Natural Tendency to Backslide

When facing a crisis, it is perfectly normal to abandon new thinking and return to old habits, especially when there is a lack of experience in the new way or doubts about whether or not it will truly address the organization’s problems. Leaders tend to face immense pressure to assure the organization performs and unless there is a deep understanding of lean and the organization, it is not practical to expect that they will stick to something they do not know will get the organization back on track. Continue reading

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