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Fighting Organizational Complacency

Applying lean requires a significant shift in thinking for most of us.  One aspect that I have found to be particularly difficult for people is the notion that anything less than perfection is acceptable. There seems to be a natural tendency to accept that things are good enough – and when people in the organization … Continue reading

Batching or Single-Piece Flow?

Although limitations created by existing tooling, equipment, or process design may make batching the most cost effective choice today, it should never be considered acceptable into the future. Batching must be considered a countermeasure until the process can be improved to the point where single-piece flow (or smaller batches) can occur. Continue reading

Success With Lean? Not Without Patience

It’s no secret that virtually all lean deployments fail to achieve intended results. One of the main reasons for this is a lack of patience in the time and effort required for transformation.  Success with lean requires a long term commitment to learning, consistent focus, and patience.  If the company’s leaders are not in it … Continue reading

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