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Strategy Deployment: PDCA, Hoshin, & Drucker

Deploying strategy requires an obsessive focus on the few high-level objectives that are critical to success. Utilizing Drucker’s simple questioning technique within a PDCA framework helps maintain focus by increasing understanding of the what is truly important to the organization. Continue reading


Why the Obsession with Speed?

Many years ago, I remember W. Edwards Deming questioning the obsession businesses had with speed.  I thought it was strange coming from the man who worked so closely with Toyota – the company that invented lean.  Wasn’t one of the main objectives of the Toyota Production System to reduce cycle times and make processes run … Continue reading

Lean: It’s More Than Kaizen

Although a kaizen or 6-sigma process is commendable (and a valuable component of lean thinking), a company that stops there is missing out on a critical improvement opportunity. Focusing on takt time makes the connection between improvement and business objectives much clearer. Continue reading